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Beautiful Decorative Stones

Like our mulches, using decorative stones in your landscaping can improve the life of your plants and garden, as well as add visual appeal. Scotty Landscape Supply offers a variety of decorative stone options in Sheboygan, WI and surrounding communities. We service both commercial and residential clients with landscaping and gardening services.

Decorative Stone in Sheboygan, WI

Decorative stones have very similar properties to wood mulches: it helps retain soil moisture, enhances drainage, and blocks weed growth. These benefits can help improve the life of your garden, and unlike regular mulches, you will not have to replace stones as frequently, since they do not decompose and deteriorate as rapidly into the soil. Much like our selection of mulches, decorative stones can be used in multiple applications, and can enhance the appeal of your hardscapes and landscaping projects. Decorative stones can be used both in and out of your plant beds, as a mulch option or to form pathways between sections of your garden. Some customers also use decorative stones as driveway material, because it provides superior erosion control.

Our line of decorative stones includes:

Scotty Landscape Supply offers a variety of decorative stones for Sheboygan, Manitowoc, Fondulac, Ozaukee, Washington, and Brown Counties in Northeast Wisconsin. For more information about our selection of decorative stones or other landscaping, gardening, and outdoor products, please give us a call at 920 452-1925 or fill out our contact form.